Founded in 2014, the Artist Material Fund (AMF) is a service that relocates material and diminishes waste produced in the art industry. Rooted in cooperation and mutual aid, the program supports and promotes the sharing of under-used goods to realize their full, potential value, and to provide resources for artistic production. AMF is a platform that operates outside of the capitalist, consumerist model, and strives to create one viable alternative to the common issue of fiscal precarity and ecological irresponsibility in the arts sector. As an economically and environmentally responsible redistribution centre, the service gives raw workable material another life by collecting materials from cultural institutions across the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area, and making them free and available to artists and individuals in the community.

The rules are simple:

First-come, first-served.
There is no limit to what you can take.
Take only what you need.

It is pick up only.
We do not accept unsolicited drop offs.
We do not deliver.

You don’t need to be an artist to collect material.
We’ve got lots to go around.